Political Calendar: Week of October 23, 2016

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Political Calendar for the Week of October 23, 2016:

Sunday, October 23, 9:30 a.m.:  “Stronger Together” DNC Bus Tour Rally with Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, at Pima County Democratic HQ, 4639 E. 1st Street Tucson. Please join us for a canvass launch at Pima County Democratic HQ with the “Stronger Together” DNC Bus and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. For more information please call (520) 326-3716.

Sunday, October 23, Noon:  Get Out the Vote Phone Bank with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, at Pima County Democratic HQ, 4639 E. 1st Street Tucson. Join Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, as we work to elect Hillary Clinton as our next president and turn Arizona blue—don’t forget to bring a friend! For more information please call (520) 326-3716.

Sunday, October 23, 3:00 p.m.: Marana Democrats meeting, at the Continental Reserve Plaza, 8333 N. Silverbell Road, Tucson. For more information please contact Buddy Gill at maranadems@gmail.com or (408) 806-2036.

Sunday, October 23, 3:30 p.m.: Ralph Atchue, District 11 Senate candidate meet & greet, at the Oro Valley Public Library, 1305 W. Naranja Drive, Oro Valley. come hear a pro-public education candidate for the Arizona state senate.

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Cartoon of The Week




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Cubs win! The curse of the goat is over!

harry-careyI have waited my entire life for this moment. So close, so many times, only to have the “lovable losers” break their fans hearts.

But last night the Chicago Cubs finally broke the curse of the goat and won the National League Pennant. On to the World Series!

This one’s for you, Harry. Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!




Laugh freely with Laughing Liberally, before the 2016 General Election (new location)


They’re back…after a brief hiatus. Laughing Liberally Tucson Comedy Showcase is back, in time for the General Election of 2016, to lampoon U.S. Presidential candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, the first woman nominee for President.  Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are also running.

These stand up comic guys/gals were at Sky Bar for a year, then moved to Club Congress for a few months, and are now appearing on October 23, at their new location Flycatcher (SW corner of E. 6th St. and N. 4th Avenue) — formerly Plush bar, 340 E. 6th Street.

I repeat….vote wisely on or before November 8, 2016. Early Arizona voting started on October 12, 2016, so don’t delay if you want to vote early.  This is no laughing matter.  Your vote does count (or does it?).

RSVP via FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/177516819322807/

#LD9 Voters – Can’t Decide How to Vote? Watch the Debate (video)

Randy Friese, Pamela Powers Hannley, Ana Henderson

The Arizona Clean Elections Commission recently hosted a debate between the three candidates vying for two seats in the Arizona House: Democrats Rep. Randy Friese and Pamela Powers Hannley (me) and Tea Party Republican Ana Henderson.

This debate was the first candidate forum that Henderson participated in with the two Democrats, and it’s likely the last. With 75 or more people from both parties, the debate was well-attended. The audience submitted many great questions. Some questions are asked of all candidates– like education funding, climate change, Prop 205 (marijuana legalization), and Prop 206 (raising the minimum wage).

Below is the video.

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President Obama on ‘ObamaCare’

On Thursday, President Obama gave a speech about ObamaCare at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida that received little mention from a media consumed by its 24-7 Trump coverage. You should take the time to read his remarks and be informed (it is long). Remarks by the President on the Affordable Care Act (excerpts):

ObamaSo because of this law, because of Obamacare, another 20 million Americans now know the financial security of health insurance. So do another 3 million children, thanks in large part to the Affordable Care Act and the improvements, the enhancements that we made to the Children’s Health Insurance Program. And the net result is that never in American history has the uninsured rate been lower than it is today. Never. (Applause.) And that’s true across the board. It’s dropped among women. It’s dropped among Latinos and African Americans, every other demographic group. It’s worked.

Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. No law is. And it’s true that a lot of the noise around the health care debate, ever since we tried to pass this law, has been nothing more than politics. But we’ve also always known — and I have always said — that for all the good that the Affordable Care Act is doing right now — for as big a step forward as it was — it’s still just a first step. It’s like building a starter home — or buying a starter home. It’s a lot better than not having a home, but you hope that over time you make some improvements.

And in fact, since we first signed the law, we’ve already taken a number of steps to improve it. And we can do even more — but only if we put aside all the politics rhetoric, all the partisanship, and just be honest about what’s working, what needs fixing and how we fix it.

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